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RonnyMaik&Sandro / ex-Immanuel Cunt concerts get back! back

upcoming live action:

none at the moment :'(


where they kicked asses so far:

  • september 28th 2002 with PROHIBITION + ERECTION ERIC IN EVOLUTION at juz in nidda, germany
  • july 7th 2001 with DESTROYER + MOM'S FAVORITE DUDES + ADAM STYLER at star club in offenbach, germany
  • august 26th 2000 "museumsuferfest" with CHONG in frankfurt/main, germany
  • august 25th 2000 "hardcore superbowl" with UZED + AFIRE + PUKE IT OUT + MEN AT ARMS at juz boeckler-haus in hanau, germany
  • august 11th 2000 "hanau di merda" with REPROACH + SKELETON ARMY + CHONG + ACHEBORN at cafe matrax in hanau, germany
  • january 16th 2000 with NAFI + MANGELHAFT at michael barrax in frankfurt/main-hoechst, germany
  • december 1999 with MONOCHORDS + TWIGGY KILLERS at hfg-party in offenbach, germany
  • october 17th 1999 at juz boeckler-haus in hanau, germany
  • september 30th 1999 with KRUSH at cafe wojtyla in freigericht, germany
  • july 1999 with MICHIKO YOUTH at ostklub in frankfurt/main, germany
  • february 5th 1999 with NAFI at oettinger villa in darmstadt, germany
  • november 1998 with DROPDEAD at cafe excess in frankfurt/main, germany
  • april 12th 1998 "osterlaerm" with LOSONE + HC3 AKUT + EDGE 'N' DOWN + ELEKTRO BOYS at saegewerk in neukirchen, germany
  • april 10th 1998 "7inch-release-concert" at cafe wojtyla in freigericht, germany
  • february 13th 1998 with HAMMERHEAD + JIMMI PELZ FISTFUCK USA at juz in gro▀krotzenburg, germany
  • november 26th 1997 with STACK + NARSAAK + TUMULT at cafe central in weinheim, germany
  • november 7th 1997 with DEAD BEAT + NAIVE TREND at juz in langenselbold, germany
  • october 25th 1997 "hanau band explosion" with MUZELBASTARDS + GROUND at schweinehalle in hanau, germany
  • june 13th 1997 with ZORNGOTT at juz boeckler-haus in hanau, germany
  • december 27th 1996 at kalkwerk in limburg, germany
  • december 14th 1996 "hanau band explosion" with MAD DECISION + FREE ELECTRIC BLUE at schweinehalle in hanau, germany
  • october 26th 1996 with ACHEBORN at cafe wojtyla in freigericht, germany
  • may 11th 1996 "rock gegen rave II" with PETTY PILGRIM + BUTT OF LEWIS + DREADMAXX at juz in langenselbold, germany
  • march 15th 1996 with LINKSABBIEGER + COLLYFLOWER at juz in gro▀krotzenburg, germany
  • february 9th 1996 with LINKSABBIEGER at don bosco-haus in klein-auheim, germany
  • october 6th 1995 with MUZELBASTARDS + ISUNSWORSCHT at log schulfest in bruckoebel, germany
  • october 1995 with SUBSTITUTE at siemens-huette in karlstein, germany
  • august 31st 1995 "summer sun and satan-festival" with BREAKFAST THOUGHTS + BUTTERFLY PROJECT + FUNNY VIBE in gro▀krotzenburg, germany


email: romasa @ killorama.de

the artists

DESTROYER - hanau marinecore

THE HORNED - blackmetal/grindcore
The Horned

RONNYMAIK&SANDRO aka  IMMANUEL CUNT - hardcore-sex...uhm...punk

P.LAUER - house music

ALMA ATTA - blistering industrial noise
Alma Atta

The Omnipresent


Boys From